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Alfred Keter

The Unstoppable Alfred Keter: Nandi Hills’ Firebrand MP

A Childhood Shaped by Rural Kenya

Nestled in the heart of Nandi County, Ollessos Village witnessed the birth of a political maverick. Alfred Keter, now a household name in Kenyan politics, grew up as one of six siblings in a modest family. Little did anyone know that this young boy from the countryside would go on to become one of the most outspoken voices in the nation’s parliament.

Education: A Rollercoaster Ride

Keter’s academic journey was anything but smooth. It kicked off at Cheplelachbei Primary School, where he first showed signs of his rebellious spirit. But it was at Kapsabet High School where young Alfred truly made his mark. Let me tell you, this guy was a real firecracker from the get-go!

Picture this: Form One Alfred, barely settling into high school life, decides to rally his fellow students for a strike. The result? A one-week vacation courtesy of the school administration. But did that deter our young rebel? Not a chance!

Fast forward to Form Three, and Keter’s at it again. This time, he’s caught playing hooky with his buddies, earning himself another suspension. But the real kicker came in Form Four. An argument with the school cook over food (of all things!) led to his expulsion. Talk about going out with a bang!

But here’s where Keter’s determination shines through. Expelled? No problem. He simply sat for his KCSE as an external candidate. And you know what? He aced it!

University Days: More Turbulence, More Triumphs

Keter’s impressive KCSE results landed him a spot at Egerton University. But if you thought he’d mellowed out, think again! His university career was like a political campaign in miniature:

  • Year Two: Expelled for leading a strike (déjà vu, anyone?)
  • The Comeback: Fights his expulsion in court and wins reinstatement
  • Political Rise: Elected vice chairman, then chairman of the student body
  • Grand Finale: Expelled again after another strike shuts down the university

But Keter wasn’t done yet. In a move that foreshadowed his future political savvy, he joined forces with other suspended students to campaign for presidential candidate Mwai Kibaki. When Kibaki won, Keter and his fellow rebels were reinstated. Talk about playing the long game!

From Tout to Politician: An Unlikely Journey

After graduation, Keter’s path took more twists and turns than a Nairobi matatu route. He started off as a tout, hustling on the chaotic streets of the capital. But Keter being Keter, he quickly worked his way up to managing Eastleigh’s number nine matatus. Talk about a crash course in street-level economics and politics!

This hands-on experience with the daily grind of ordinary Kenyans lit a fire in Keter. In 2007, he took his first shot at the big leagues, vying for the Starehe Constituency parliamentary seat. He lost, but did that stop him? Not a chance!

In 2013, Keter set his sights on home turf – the Nandi Hills Constituency. Running under the TNA party banner, he clinched the seat. And in 2017? He defended it successfully. Our boy from Ollessos had arrived on the national stage!

The Firebrand MP: Stirring Up Storms in Parliament

Now, if you thought Keter would quiet down once he got into office, you couldn’t be more wrong. His time as an MP has been marked by more controversies than a Nairobi gossip column. Let’s take a look at some of his greatest hits:

  • 2015: The Weighbridge Showdown – Keter’s caught on camera giving traffic cops an earful. The video goes viral faster than a Kibaki meme.
  • 2016: The Jubilee Takedown – In a move that had jaws dropping across Kenya, Keter accuses his own party of being corrupt. His exact words? “Anyone you see supporting Jubilee is either stupid or corrupt.” Ouch!
  • 2018: The Treasury Bill Drama – Keter’s arrested on allegations of forging treasury bills worth a cool Sh633 million. His response? It’s all a political witch-hunt, folks!

The Road Ahead: New Challenges, Same Old Keter

As we speak, Keter’s facing what might be his toughest battle yet. Word on the street is that the locals back in Nandi Hills are rallying behind a new face – 30-year-old Wesley Kogo. They’ve even raised a hefty Kes1.6 million for Kogo’s campaign kitty.

But if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Alfred Keter, it’s that he never backs down from a fight. From his rebellious school days to his fiery speeches in parliament, Keter has shown time and again that he’s a force to be reckoned with.

So, what’s next for Nandi Hills’ most famous son? Will he overcome this new challenge, or has he finally met his match? One thing’s for sure – whatever happens, it won’t be boring. In the ever-dramatic theater of Kenyan politics, Alfred Keter remains one of its most compelling actors. Stay tuned, folks – this show is far from over!

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