Noordin Haji Biography: Wife, Salary, Net Worth, Son, Education

Noordin Mohamed Haji, OGW, CBS, is a distinguished figure in Kenya’s legal landscape. Born on July 3, 1973, he has cultivated a remarkable career as an advocate of the High Court of Kenya, a role he has proficiently handled for over two decades. His appointment as the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in 2018 marked a significant milestone, succeeding Keriako Tobiko. Haji is the second individual to hold this pivotal position following the 2010 Constitution of Kenya, which established the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions as an independent entity, separate from the Attorney General’s Office.

Early Life and Background

Born into a family with a strong political background, Noordin Haji was raised with values of public service and dedication. His father, the late Yusuf Haji, was a notable politician who served as Kenya’s Defence Minister. Growing up in such an environment instilled in him a sense of responsibility and a commitment to serve the nation.


Noordin Haji’s academic journey is as impressive as his professional one. He embarked on his legal education by obtaining a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from the University of Wales, Cardiff. Eager to deepen his legal knowledge, he pursued and earned a Master of Laws (LLM) from the same institution. His quest for knowledge did not stop there; Haji further specialized in national security policy by obtaining a Master’s Degree in National Security Policy with Merit (MNSPO) from the Australian National University. Additionally, he completed a postgraduate diploma from the Kenya School of Law, equipping him with the practical skills necessary for his legal practice in Kenya.

Professional Career

Early Career

Noordin Haji began his legal career with a solid foundation in advocacy, practicing as an advocate of the High Court of Kenya. His early years were marked by dedication and a keen interest in ensuring justice and upholding the law.

Director of Public Prosecutions

In 2018, Haji’s career took a significant turn when he was appointed the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). This role has placed him at the forefront of Kenya’s judicial system, where he has been instrumental in prosecuting high-profile cases and ensuring that justice is served impartially. His tenure has been characterized by a commitment to fighting corruption and enhancing the efficiency of the prosecution process.

Family Background

Coming from a notable family, Noordin Haji’s life has been deeply influenced by his father’s legacy. Yusuf Haji, his father, was a respected politician and former Defence Minister in Kenya. The elder Haji’s dedication to public service left a lasting impression on Noordin, who has continued to uphold these values in his professional life.

Personal Life

Noordin Haji has maintained a level of privacy regarding his personal life. Details about his wife and family remain undisclosed, reflecting his desire to keep his private life separate from his public role. However, it is known that he has siblings, one of whom is also involved in public service, further highlighting the family’s commitment to serving the nation.

Salary and Net Worth

As of 2024, Noordin Haji earns a monthly salary of Ksh775,188. His estimated net worth stands at Sh476 million, a testament to his successful career and prudent financial management. His earnings reflect not only his role as DPP but also his extensive experience and expertise in the legal field.

Professional Achievements

Haji’s tenure as the Director of Public Prosecutions has been marked by several significant achievements. He has played a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency of the prosecution process, implementing reforms to tackle corruption, and ensuring that high-profile cases are prosecuted effectively. His efforts have contributed to strengthening the rule of law in Kenya and restoring public confidence in the judicial system.

Contributions to Legal Reforms

Under Haji’s leadership, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions has undertaken numerous initiatives to improve the legal framework in Kenya. He has been involved in drafting and advocating for laws that enhance transparency, accountability, and justice. His contributions to legal reforms have had a lasting impact on the country’s legal landscape.


  • Who is Noordin Haji? Noordin Haji is a Kenyan advocate of the High Court and the current Director of Public Prosecutions. He has held his position as an advocate for 21 years and was appointed DPP in 2018.
  • What is Noordin Haji’s educational background? Haji holds an LLB and LLM from the University of Wales, Cardiff, and a Master’s Degree in National Security Policy from the Australian National University. He also has a postgraduate diploma from the Kenya School of Law.
  • Is Noordin Haji married? Details about Noordin Haji’s wife are not disclosed.
  • What is Noordin Haji’s salary? As of 2024, Noordin Haji’s monthly salary is Ksh775,188.
  • What is Noordin Haji’s net worth? Haji’s net worth is estimated to be Sh476 million.
  • Who was Noordin Haji’s father? Noordin Haji’s father was the late Yusuf Haji, a former Defence Minister and prominent politician in Kenya.


Noordin Haji’s career and contributions to Kenya’s legal system are noteworthy. His educational background, professional achievements, and dedication to public service have made him a respected figure in the country. As the Director of Public Prosecutions, Haji continues to uphold the principles of justice and integrity, building on the legacy of his esteemed family. His commitment to legal reforms and his role in enhancing the efficiency of the prosecution process are testaments to his enduring impact on Kenya’s legal landscape.

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