Jowi Zaza Biography: Age, Wife, Children, Net worth and Source of Wealth

Jowi Zaza Biography

Jowizaza, born Joseph Eze Okafor Jr., is a prominent Nigerian Igbo billionaire known for his entrepreneurial prowess and wealth accumulation at a relatively young age. At 35 years old, he originates from Anambra State and has made a name for himself as one of the youngest billionaires in Nigeria. His success stems from inheriting and expanding the businesses established by his father, cementing his status not only as a wealthy individual but also as a well-known socialite within elite Nigerian circles.

Personal Life

Marriage: Despite his affluent status, Jowi Zaza remains unmarried. He has been seen with multiple women on various occasions, maintaining a private personal life while enjoying the social spotlight.


Jowi Zaza’s educational journey began at Sacred Heart Seminary Nsude in Enugu State for his secondary education. He furthered his studies at Madonna University Okija, where he laid the academic groundwork for his future endeavors. Seeking to broaden his horizons, he pursued post-graduate studies at The Coventry University London, United Kingdom, and later enriched his business acumen at Kelce College of Business.


Date of birth: Jowi Zaza was born on March 19, 1985.

Children: As of now, there are no publicly known reports of Jowi Zaza having children.

Family Background

Father: Jowi Zaza’s father, Joseph Eze Okafor Snr, is a distinguished business magnate from Anambra and the visionary founder of Jezco Oil. Under his leadership, Jezco Oil has grown into a renowned entity within the Nigerian oil and gas sector, operating numerous filling stations and retail outlets across the country.

Chief Joseph Eze Okafor Snr, recognized for his entrepreneurial acumen, has accumulated substantial wealth, with estimates placing his net worth at $2 billion. He remains actively involved in various business ventures, with a legacy marked by significant contributions to Nigeria’s economic landscape.

Net Worth and Source of Wealth

Jowi Zaza’s financial success revolves around his role as the Chief Executive Officer of Jezco Oil and Lubricants, a position he assumed from his father. His entrepreneurial journey in the oil and gas industry has proven immensely profitable, culminating in a reported net worth of $74.6 million. This figure underscores his adept management of Jezco Oil’s operations and strategic investments in the sector.

The oil and gas industry’s dynamic nature has provided Jowi Zaza with ample opportunities to capitalize on market trends and expand his family’s business empire. His leadership at Jezco Oil continues to drive growth and innovation, positioning the company as a key player in Nigeria’s energy sector.


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